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meanwhile, i will see you at the top of the next hour on f.b.n. and we will pick apart these numbers. you will not believe what we have uncovered is tucked deep inside healthcare reform. it ain't a reform. here is glenn. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute^ glenn: all week we have been asking questions that no one else is asking on concerns on the far left radicals that the president is surrounded by. even more alarm something that no one has challenged any of the facts or questions we have posed. that is, until last night. i told you at the very beginning, look, if somebody challenges the fact, we got it wrong, i will lead with t i won't bury it. after the show last night, the liberal blogs were on fire, and they pointed out a mistake. take a look. here it was.
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oligarh, they are saying i didn't spell it right. we were talking about what is america trance forming to? oligarh-huh? what's missing? show the chalkboard from earlier this week. oh, that's the word that's missing. hang on just a second. so what we were missing yesterday was czars! so the liberal blogs -- who is smart? who said that progressives just wouldn't get it? what they taught us now is that you can't spell oligarch without the czars. thank you. thank you so much. i appreciate it. you liberal bloggers, you need to stick around because i
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think you will be able to help america learn some more things. come on. follow me. hello, america. boy, what a week it has been. the president, he said a couple of things. he said you want to understand what i'm going to do and what my policies are, you got to look to the people around me. ok. we have done that all week. he said he was going to fundamentally transform america. oh, he's doing that. since january 20, he has been racing full steam ahead towards the transformation of america. but what is it we're transforming >> into? this week, i have to tell you, i have felt fear in this country for a long time, but i don't know if you can feel it. i feel a pivot point. it feels like as a nation we're waking up, and i think it's because you're seeing this puzzle piece together. we have shown you some amazing
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frightening facts, and the white house hasn't challenged any of it. unfortunately, i have a feeling that means that they agree with the information we have presented on people like green jobs czar van jones. this guy is an avowed self-admitted communist, and a radical activist who cofounded the communist group storm. that group describes themselves and their activities, and i quote "we upheld the marxist critique of capitalist exploitation. we agree with lenin's analysis of the state and the party, and we found inspiration, guidance in the insurgent revoluntionary strategies developed by third world revoluntionaries like mao ts mao tse tung and some other kid he named his kid after. the white house hasn't bothered to spin that information or the information we presented on the f.c.c. diversity czar. this is disturbing.
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this man's name is mark lloyd. he actually lamented on the fact that non-state-run radio stations prevented the incredible revolution of hugo chavez in venezuela. >> venezuela and chavez have run an incredible revolution to begin to put in place saying that we're going to have impact on the people of venezuela, the property owners who have been controlling and the folks who were then controlling the media in sen ven rebelled, work, frankly with folks here in the u.s. government. glenn: wow, the pesky private sector and property owners. why don't you just take them? it is just littered with that non-propaganda talk, isn't it? we must stop that, and that is exactly what this man is he
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prepared to do. lloyd has talked about balancing out the airwaves, and that's not just conservatives. that's balancing them out with anyone who doesn't agree with the state and this new revolution. again, the white house has not disputed any of this. quite frankly, i have been wondering why. i think it's because -- it can't be because you don't want to give me any more credibility. for the love of pete. have you seen the ratings? people are watching this show. you can't just let this spill out. i think they think it doesn't bother you. this non-response should frighten you, especially in the light of the story of the dredge report today. have you seen the front page of the drudge report? they're reporting on a bill that would give obama emergency control of the internet. it would allow the president, at his will to shut the internet down. boy. that sounds familiar, doesn't it? i remember.
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that's from another report we gave you this week -- czar cass sunstein's idea. how about this one? the new york chair of the apollo alliance, the people who designed the stimulus package, and you thought it was your representatives! his name is jeff jones. there is -- well, we couldn't actually get a picture. we had to get his fingerprints and his mugshot there. jeff jones, before deciding, you know, who to give your tax dollars to, jones cofounded the weather underground. why do i know that one? oh, yes, that's right. the guy that barack obama doesn't really even know, bill ayers. the weather underground is a domestic terrorist group that came out of the communist revoluntionary s.d.s. group, students for democratic society in the 1960's. does that bother the white house that the guy who is helping white the stimulus package, another guy in the weather underground? haven't got gotten an answer for them. they have not denied this or fired anybody or said whoa,
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how did that happen? they haven't denounced these radical backgrounds or radical ideas. the jones radical is currently helping spend new york spend more of the stimulus money. yeah, that's right. he's in the state government walking around helping them spend. yet the white house does seem pretty concerned about you. the d.h.s. has warned of thize in right wing militia groups. their report said that if you're concerned about legislation on tighter firearms, well, you just might be a part of a white supremacist militia movement. you got to be kidding me? they're name calling. saul alinsky, his big strategy was to take the enemy out of the comfort zone. are you comfortable with them saying you're in a militia group? i'm not! van jones and all these czars, everybody in the white house, they know that. why? they're radicals!
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here's a quote from van jones. he said, quote "we need to be about the [bleep] somebody's [bleep] somewhere. they have names and job descriptions. you have to be about creative about how you engage the enemy, because if you do it on his terms, the outcome is already known." well, isn't that happening to us? the outcome is already known. they call you a name and you get quiet. we're fighting at their level. we're taken. we're being called a myriad of names -- greedy hate mongers who only kate about profits for the big -- who only care about profits for the big health insurance companies. we cower. tonight i'm going to lay out a plan. we're going to spend the next hour laying out a plan. it is the very beginning of it, but you build on it. it doesn't involve militia groups or guns. first, step one. fear not. take them on!
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we have been fighting on their terms, and van jones said himself you know what the outcome is going to be. we're afraid to say anything. well, it is time to forget that, america. let's make them uncomfortable with the facts. these guys are marxists in the white house. is there anybody, any democrat who is a normal democrat that is comfortable with a communist add advising the president of the united states? not a communist from the 1950's, a communist from four years ago who i have never heard denounce it. i'll wait for your response. democrats. you know, in the meantime, these guys are saying, these people just want to starve all the inner city children! really? let's look at the policies where these radical progressives have had control. the cities with the top ten poverty rates in america have been run by republicans 8% of the time since 1965, and 8 out of the top 11 with poverty
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have been run by the democratic progressives 100% of the time. am i the one really that wants to hurt education and make sure everyone is an uneducated dummy? washington, d.c. has been controlled by progressives. they have spent 15,000 dollars per student. the national average is $10,000. they have been controlled by corrupt individuals so long i can't count them anymore yet they're still ranked in the worst among the country. only 60% of the kids gad wait. 60%. and only 9% will complete college within five years of graduating. what are we doing with these people? yet nancy pelosi and her crew get in and cut the charter schools. barack obama throws the game in with the unions. i'm the one that wants to make sure people are uneducated? not anymore! not going to be afraid of whatever name you call me.
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am i reckless for supporting gun rights? that's what they would have you believe. in england, they banned guns in 1998. for the next 7 years, the number of deathss and injuries from death crimed increases, would you believe if i said 100%? well, how about 340%? because guess what, guys, criminals don't wait around for the background check on the way to shoot somebody. am i unpatriotic? am i coldhearted? am i part of the mob for opposing government-run healthcare? show me where it works. when was the last time in this country -- our system stinks on ice at times, but when was the last time you saw a patient in a hospital in this country so thirsty that they had to drink water from a nearby plant or 4,000 new moms being forced to give birth in
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hallways because there weren't any rooms? i mean, that happened to jesus not in america! when is the last time you saw somebody have their supposedly removed spleen suddenly burst. none of those things have happened here in america, but all of those things have happened in the u.k. where they have that sweet government healthcare and canada is on the verge of bankruptcy with theirs. the argument isn't about the facts anymore. the shouters on both sides, they're wrong. instead of admitting it, they just call you a hate monger. they try to shame you into silence. well, you know what? game's over! this is too important. you can call me whatever you want. i'm going to stick to the facts. we need to screw our courage to the sticking place and without fear force these weasels to face the tough questions, no matter what name you're called, no matter what threat you face, because the truth shall set you free. sure. if you disagree with man-made
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global warming, oh, the ratd cals are going to come out and l >> flat-earth believing, holocaust denying scwerk who would rather drive in the s.u.v. than save the planet from certain doom. but you know what? the ipcc report that they hoff to quote all the time say that the best way to fight global warm something not by getting a prius. it is by not eating meat. how many of your earth-hoffing green friends have v vegans? from here on out, america, when they start lecturing you or your children about the planet, ask them this -- do you eat meat? do you have leather shoes or a leather belt? if they say anything other than absolutely not, tell them to sit down and shut the pie hole! when they stop doing more supposed damage with their steak, then they can talk to me about my s.u.v. and maybe we'll also talk about the green jobs czar who sees gene jobs like this --
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>> we want a green economy that is strong enough to lift people out of poverty, without leaving anybody behind. we don't want an eco-elite economy. how do they get to be part of this green economy? this is an eco-apartheid. glenn: eco-apartheid. help me out here. which is it, we need green jobs because the earth has a temperature like al gore says or we need green jobs for marxist code language, social justice equals take it from him and give it to him? america, congratulations. you are now beginning to see it. this is not about republicans versus democrats. we both know they suck equally. this is about republicans and democrats, and independents against radical
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revoluntionaries and anti-capitalist nut jobs that we wouldn't let our kids be with all day, let alone leave our country with them. all of us americans love the constitution, democrats and republicans. respect the founding fathers and the constitution, and we may disagree on this policy or that policy but the fundamental transformation, the change that 80% of america was looking for was driving the money changers. those in bed with special interests, global corporations and all the fat cat wall streeters and the political party hacks out into the street! i ain't. they're in the house. they kicked us out in the street. in the coming weeks on this pam, i'm going to ask you to continue to watch this show with a piece of paper and a pen, because until my dying breath, i'm going to be shouting this out. i'm going to continue to expose these connections and these plans that are out of step with you and almost everybody in the country. you know, i mean, unless you
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live in the basement of nancy pelosi's house in the most radically progressive neighborhood in the country while eating arugula and oaft beef sandwiches, but we're going to arm you also with the facts, because we don't need to shout. it is time to be unafraid. stop fearing the name calling because sticks and stones may bake my bones but names will never hurt me. just so you know for those of you who are working for this revolution, watching me now at the white house, because i know you are, are i see you. seiu, you got the t.v. and americorps, you're there -- i'm just ironing my uniform getting ready to do his will -- next time, you should go back and listen to the white album, listen to the song cowritten by your progressive friend john lennon who got it, even during the peek of the pot smoking
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radicalism, listen to it all. you say you want a revolution, well, you know, well, you know, we all want to change the world. you say you'll change the constitution, well, you know, we all want to change your head. you tell me it's the institution, well, you know, you better free your mind instead, but if you go around carrying your pictures of chairman mao, you ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow. and you know what? it's going to be all right. ♪ you say you want to change the constitution, well, you know we all want to change your head you tell me it's the institutions well, you know ♪ n
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glenn: all week i have been giving you the questions that you need to start asking, because this country is being transformed before our eyes, and the time for silence dissent is over. you get on to your e-mail system. you white letters. you call. i'm talking about demanding answers, something the government should understand because right now they're demanding that we answer questions through the census. i'm not suggesting that anyone wouldn't answer the census, but it's just a hunch, but i think the questions are a little more important, you know, than when the acorn representative knocks on your door and says i'm here for the census, do you have any flush toilets? are you kidding me? how much is your month hadly mortgage? are you deaf or blind? are you? do you have any difficulty doing errands alone? yes, mostly because i'm spending my time fighting for my country. >> did you work at all last week
5:22 pm
for pay? >> yes, i did, but my sweatshop has fabulous dental coverage and a sweet 401k, thanks for dropping by. i have an idea mr. acorn volunteer for the census. when it's census time -- i tell you what. i will fill it out as the constitution requires that says, you know, how many people live in this house? then i'm going to take a list of my own with some questions, and i'm going to staple it back to the census and then i'm going to give it back, so for every question that the president of the united states decides to answer on my list, i'll trade him one for his list. if he gives me a satisfactory answer about why he is surrounding himself with admitted radicals and admitted communists, i'll let him know how many flush toilets i have. if he tells me how van jones, a self-proclaimed communist became a special advisor to the president and why we would want a communist to have the ear of the president of the united states and what kind of jobs the communists could possibly come
5:23 pm
up with and create, i would be happy to tell them how tough it is for me to do errands. you want to know if i work in a sweatshop? sure. thence then answer the questions we have asked about the czars all week, and then maybe then i will stop calling them czars. i can't promise that one. i'm sorry. it is time, america, that we question with boldness. we speak without fear, while they say it all in fact. walk softly, and carry a big stick. that ain't a gun, man. that is the facts. they're not challenging these facts. it is time to change the base in power in washington, and not from party to party. in all these blogs and just weasels who will tell you, oh, you know what? let me tell you something. let me tell you something right now, that glenn beck is just a republican party hack. have you watched this show? we don't need to change it from
5:24 pm
party to party. we just did that and it only got worse. and it was pretty bad before. we need to change the power base from the politicians back to us. so you ask these questions -- why do we need a civilian force? do any of the president's advisors have a criminal record? are you gas roots if you're for one thing but astro astroturf if you're against it? do the czars have actual power? who is paying the czars? how much money do they get? how much power do they have? what do you say we run them through the senate to be confirmed so that way we can call them. it's weird. we can't ever call the czars to answer in front of congress. it's a little loophole that the white house seems to love in the constitution this time, but they disregard the constitution other times. why won't members of congress read the bills before they vote on them and do the members of
5:25 pm
congress actually know that most of this stuff was written by people in the apollo project? by the way, who are the people in the apollo alliance? who are they? let me know if the white house lets us know how many radicals are in the apollo alliance. i know there are some incredible people there. i know there is also some big, big huge giant global corporations but don't worry about those guys. what could happen with global corporations in bed with the organizations that you don't know much about that get meetings at the oval office with radicals? what could possibly go wrong? let me know, will you, in the control room, when the white house responds to who exactly is part of the apollo alliance, especially the part with the weather underground guy.
5:26 pm
what are the odds that barack obama was just on the board with william ayers. he apparently even knew him and was at his house for a fund raise are but he didn't know him. that's crazy talk. what are the odds? i have never even met one member of the weather underground, have you? he has not only met two, he's kind of worked with both of them not directly. that would be wrong! that's weird. have they written yet? ok. i tell you what, while we wait, we'll go to the next segment, which is all about moving that power base from the politicians back to us. i'll show you exactly how to do it, next. >> there are only two ways to win the war for america's future , the bill maher everyone
5:27 pm
is stupid but me way -- >> they are talking 60 votes that are needed. forget this stuff. he just needs to drag them to it. like i said, they're stupid. >> there's the american way, you know, the idea that you can affect change by using those antiquated little things called facts to make that point f that concept resonates with you, then check out glenn's new book "arguing with idiots. " you can pre-order by visiting unless you're, of course, too stupid to figure it out. my two granddaughters are my life.
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>> breaking news tonight in the michael jackson case. police in los angeles now saying they will refer their investigation of the pop star's death to prosecutors for possible criminal charges. the city coroner ruled jackson's death a homicide earlier. the viewing of senator ted kennedy's casket at the presidential library came to an end this afternoon. kennedy's funeral mass will be held tomorrow in boston. his body will later be bout to virginia to be laid to rest at arlington nags is a cemetery. nasa gearing up for its third chance to blast off into spice tonight at 11:00 p.m. now first a preview of what is coming up on "special report." >> coming up, a look at the growing tension between the c.i.a., justice department and members of the obama administration. join me at 6:00 eastern for "special report." we'll have lots more. now back to glenn beck.
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glenn: i have to tell you, america. i am almost giddy because i feel a change in this country. i have worried about these things for so long, but you are waking up. it is amazing what is happening and the word that is spreading and amazing how silent everybody is, except the name callers. i want you to know the first part of this program dealt with the loud mouths, the shouters, the ones that refuse to argue with the facts. i might get a little loud from time to time but i use facts. these people, instead, resort to intimidation and bumper sticker slogans. they go into the arguments like, well, he just wants to starve cute cuddly kids without armpits. he hates the poor people so much he would rather eat them than
5:32 pm
help them. no, i don't. why they tasty? no, really, i don't want to do that and i don't think most politicians want to do that, either. however, there are some politicians an mainly special interest groups that just want to get wealthy or radical progressives in this case, believe it or not, i can't believe we're talking about communists, that support policies and enact policies, as we have just showed you, that don't help the armpitless kids. instead, they continue to hurt people and make them more dependent on government, which would give them more power -- oh, my goodness. i'm starting to figure this out. the second part of the problem is the politicians. they toss out the red meat for the shouters to feast on on both sides and the result is, well, he's just a shoe for the g.o.p. and he just hates barack obama! here's my favorite recurring twitter comment. oh, yeah? well, where was glenn beck during the bush administration?
5:33 pm
he was a fascist. bush increased the government as well. yeah. i know. i'm actually beginning to think this is futile to answer this charge, because those who usually make that charge don't listen or watch my show anyway, so america, this will be the last time i respond to it, because i am really finding myself in a unique mace where i don't care -- a unique place where i don't care what people say anymore. oh, no. what will the left do now? i did say the same things about george w. bush. i did complain about his outof control spending and debt. i did complain about his failures on the border. in fact, i believe i told the left then they should impeach him for that, because something was going on with global corporations. oh. facts. oh, i don't know what to do. facnse facts. that's a liberal blogger right now. his head pops. i did complain about his abandoning free market
5:34 pm
principles to save the free market system. i did complain, constantly, as bush presided over the largest increase in government since lyndon b. johnson. bad. i also brought up the whole, what do you call it, the patriot act. i thought that might be dangerous. yeah. yeah. yeah. because i apparently unlike many on both sides have actual principles, i choose to hold on to the truth before the party. whoa. so the where were you argument says nothing about what is going on today. i liken this to an argument, you know, you hear at recess between a couple of third graders. it distracts from any real conversation. you're suddenly pointing out george bush's big government policies -- it's the same one you seem to love so much now -- ok, the third gader in me would say, oh, well where was your
5:35 pm
support for bush when he was just like barack obama increasing the size of government and fascism? stop looking at it through the partisan lens. both parties are screwing you. when are you going to get that? they are using me. they're using you. they're using all of us. ignore the r or d next to their name and start supporting or opposing politicians in a different way. look at what they believe. look at not what they say they believe, but what they actually do. you know, a little thing i learned, a great man taught me, what was it -- judge a man by the content of his character. here is something i want you to send to every politician. i want you to sen to every politician, and demand an answer, and they are either in or out, ok? i made it big because i think they have a hard time reading things. ok. so make it really big.
5:36 pm
one, i believe in a balanced budget and therefore will vote for a freeze in government spending until that goal is realized. i know, that's crazy. i believe government should not increase the financial burden on its citizenry during difficult economic times, therefore, i will oppose all tax increases until our economy has rebounded. three, i believe for more than four decades of u.s. dependence on foreign oil is a travesty. can i ask you a question? can you come up to one, please? let me ask you something, america -- are you kidding me? four decades they have been telling us hey, we've got to get away from foreign oil. hello! we're getting worse. it is a travesty. therefore, i will support an energy plan that calls for immediately increasing usage of all domestic resources,
5:37 pm
including nuclear energy, natural gas and coal. i had left out oil, because i think it's just common sense. four, i believe in the sovereignty and security of our country and therefore will support measures to close our borders except for designated immigration points so that we will know who is entering in and why, and i will vehemently oppose any measure giving another country the united nations or any other entity power over u.s. citizens. that includes czars. i should add oil and czars in this for the dummies. number five, i believe the united states of america is the greatest country on earth, and therefore will not apologize for policies or actions which have served to free more an feed more
5:38 pm
people around the world than any other nation on the planet. you know what? when everybody else apologizes, for all the crap they've done, then we can apologize for our crap, too! boo hoo! cry me a river! if you're a politician, and you don't believe, support or reflect these beliefs in their actions, not what they say in cute little speeches, then they aren't supporting you. you bring these words to them. they're not supporting or protecting or defenning the constitution of the united states. let me say. what is the oath that they take? i will protect the constitution against anyone, foreign or domestic, any enemy, foreign or domestic. well, it seems to me we have some foreigners that are enemies of the constitution. gee, do you think we have any constitutional enemies? domestically? it's time to throw those bums out! starting monday, make it very
5:39 pm
clear to these people. i want you to take this and you go to every mace there's a -- go to every place there's a politician. wherever they're speaking, you ask them to take this oath. you do it calmly. you do it rationally. if they're not for this, then you know what? then the country is going to pop like the are little blogger's head did when i started, explaining facts a few minutes ago. you tell these politicians you're either in or next election season you are out. now, i brought up a hot of facts this week -- i bout up a lot of facts this week. it is not about me. it is what you are going to face when you start speaking out, and how to deal with that, next. cheer clear cheer clear cheer xó
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glenn: i want to go back to something i learned as a child. sticks and stones may bake break my bones but names will never hurt me. ridiculing an bullying is the easy way out. that's really what this society has been trained for now. in the last 20 years, it has been all name calling and both sides are to blame, but boy, there are experts at it right now. it is time to stand up an speak without fear. psychiatrist and fox news contributor, keith ablow and i
5:43 pm
should add friend of mine. good to see you. >> good to see you. glenn: i brought you in because everything that is happening, people don't know, because i didn't, know how to deal with things. when i first kind of started getting involved in things, people attack you and you say whoa, whoa, i'm just expressing my opinion. this is what people have said about me just this week. >> just this week. glenn: just this week. nobody has talked about the facts. this is just the blogs and everything else. i'm a freak show, religious nut job, shameless opportunist, political operative. for who? i'm full of crap. that one! delusional. hard right. idiotic. thickheaded, spineless coward. i love that. cry baby. that one they probably have me on. and i'm just a fear mongering whatever.
5:44 pm
i don't know about me, i want to know -- now i'm to the point where i think that's funny. yep, that's me. >> you got it up on the board. that's the first step. glenn: so how does the average person prepare to go into battle with people who have done nothing but cry racist!ç witch! whatever it is? >> here is what you have to do. take a psychiatrist's perspective dealing with people addicted to drugs. ok. what is the first thing that someone is going to tell you if you say you know what? you have been sniffling and going to the bathroom five times. i wonder if you have been using coke. no! are you crazy? are you an idiot? you're insane. what are you trying to do, break up my family? that's the first line of attack. there is another line of attack where they say yout( are tryingo scare everybody. all i was doing was a little
5:45 pm
recreational substance. there is no plot here. man, why don't you look at yourself? there is every attempt to deflect from the facts. drug users want to keep using drugs. glenn: i said about a year ago you know who will save this country? alcoholics and drug addicts, because they know the deal. i'm a recovering alcoholic. i admit to myself, i am an alcoholic. after that, everything is pretty much downhill. >> you tell other alcoholics and families of people trying to save their loved ones, what does an alcoholic say when using, when you say are you using? i am not. i am not! and the person who tries to take away that substance is the devil. glenn: so what do you just keep saying? >> you have to say number one, i expect it. people are so intoxicated now. they have been told so many
5:46 pm
stories, that if you're going to say the emporer has no clothes and stop the party, you're going to be villified. expect it. get your own white board like glenn beck, right, because you have got to immunize yourself from being run out of town. glenn: we have to take a break, but america, this is the thing, if you're conservative at heave, you have been villified for so long, you have had to do the soul searching. if you are a racist, well you got some problems to deal with, but you know who you are. you have been accused of everything under the sun, so you know the truth what difference does it make what they say? prepare yourself. spineless coward. that amazes me. really? prepare yourself for what the worst they can do. to me, the worst thing that could happen in life -- this is my worst -- you can take away anything from me, but the worst thing in my life is to lose my
5:47 pm
honor and to return -- i am a religious nut job, to return to my heavenly father without honor, without doing what i was supposed to do. if you've got something else that could be worse than that, like losing my car or my job, you might want to reevaluate, because that's a p pretty important time now in america. cheer clear abb-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d
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glenn: we have put something together that i think is really inspirational at the end of the bowed cast that you don't want to miss. keith be a hoe is around with us, psychiatrist an fox news contributor and friend of mine^ . keith and i were talking during the break that it's going to get worse for me personally and worse for everybody else as they speak out. that's ok. i have said that i have already
5:51 pm
met with my family and talked to your kids. do you know who your dad is? do you know why i'm doing these things? yes. they can say whatever they want. they have to discredit me. >> if you're right and committed, you're in for more pain but this is the lesson of great political leaders for all of course. you have to go back to the facts. it seems to me that there are marxists in the white houseence. this cannot be about me. this has to be about the facts. i started the week that there cannot be any leader to this. the facts must lead us. >> the facts have to lead. we have learned it doesn't matter how charismatic you are in leading enron if it's a lie. glenn: i think history will show our president is pretty charismatic. how this ends still is unwritten
5:52 pm
but when the facts get out, it doesn't matter. >> the truth is all powerful. there is no question that you can run from the truth for a certain amount of time but it always catches up to you, so we need leaders to be willing to say i'll take the pain. i want to show what the facts really are. i know you're coming for me. it's ok. if we don't do that, the suffering multi-mys. all of them -- the suffering multi-mys. then all of us are lost down the road. you have to know who your friends are r it is one thing to stand alone, and if you're a man who can call someone a
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
on 9/12, i hope to see you in washington. i will make sure you're seen all over the country. from new york, god bless you, america. stay strong. good night. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute
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